With Oleksii, we worked on branding and web design for various of our brands: CultBooking and CultSwitch of Cultuzz Global Holding. All projects have been realized successfully and professionally within deadlines.

Oleksii is a true gem. He feels responsible for the client, he is very dedicated to his job, enjoys what he does and takes the effort to make all perfect. He did not give up until I was satisfied, and even I approved one part, he still improved it and made it better, overachieving and surpassing himself.

One of the best designer you will find. Very patient, fast working on real-time and total dedication. Well done. Very happy with the end result: professional, clean and modern. The same project would have taken months with another agency or other freelancer.
Oleksii is a classy touch designer and responsible contractor. I was very pleased with the systemacity, professionalism and detailed working out of design and interface elements. Everything was so thought out and harmonic, and at the same time – simple and nonintrusive.

In the work, he quickly adapted to the changes of the interface, quickly made adjustments and qualitatively prepared materials for the layout. He is very easy to communicate with.

I recommend him as a contractor and employee.
I recommend Oleksii as a very talented designer working in the different areas and providing the high quality of his work. Oleksii has already successfully proved his professionalism with three large projects in our company (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH). He developed the corporate style and web design in the shortest possible time for Ukraine Woche 2018 in Berlin, and also – design of the newspaper for the photo exhibition about the settlers.

Oleksii works quickly and finds out the best solution for any task. He is sociable, friendly and a team player. Also he took on a lot of functions that were not part of the designer’s duties, which helped us with the deadlines.
Oleksii is such a talented freelancer! He is dedicated to his craft and I consider him a very hardworking person. He has extraordinary attention to detail and he is open to modifications. He was very organized and read all of the specifications of the task very well. He took the lead and made professional adjustments to our initial idea that lead to a beautiful logo at the end.
The quality of the work was outstanding. He provided several color modifications for us to use at a later time and he made sure that we understood the colors used. He is very polite and honest and I enjoyed communicating with him on this task.
He worked on this project at lightning speed! And his ability to communicate was outstanding. I can’t recommend Oleksii enough. He is a true gem!
Если Вы ищете супер-профи – Вам сюда!
Сотрудничаем уже 2-й год! Каждое задание Sverdlychenko Design Studio исполняет всегда в сроки, очень профессионально, качественно. Особо приятный бонус – в процессе работы, иногда очень напряженной – всегда легко общаться, ощущение, будто общаешься с давним и хорошим другом!
Конечно, такое расположение клиента способен создать только профессионал с большой буквы “П”. Sverdlychenko Design Studio именно таким и является!
Однозначно очень рекомендую!
P.S.: кстати, даже полиграфические компании при печати говорят, что дизайн у Вас вообще крутой!
I worked with Oleksii in many of my projects. We ordered 4 times corporate style from the scratch – from the logo design to the full corporate brandbook, and few times we ordered re-branding services. Oleksii made design of different companies for us – from conference service company to the kids internet shop. Each time I was happy with result. Oleksii sticks to the deadline, oriented to details, always gives feedback and his vision of future result.
What I like most is that since few years we worked together we never met and only ones talked by phone: all communication is being done vie email which is for me very convenient. Via email you can control the task, see if you have common vision with designer, and you will never miss any detail. To my opinion Oleksii is doing it professionally and result is always as you discussed in the emails. I would definitely recommend Oleksii as designer for your project. It is very fair deal and you will have definitely the result you expect!
Чудово, вдумливо, професійно! Тільки найкращі емоції і враження від багаторічної співпраці. Highly, Highly Recommended! 🙂
Oleksii has a great sense of humour ? and also a perfectionist, but these qualities don’t prevent him from producing a robust series of seriously playful designs. Wise, playful, and robust ? are the three words to sum up Oleksii and his designs! I’ve known the guy since the time he studied Design Comms in London and kept up to speed with his progress by, voila, Facebook, since he moved back home to Ukraine. ?
Нашли Алексея через интернет, он любезно согласился сделать фирменный логотип для нашей компании. Алексей терпеливо относился к нам, как к заказчику. Всю работу выполнил в предварительно оговоренные сроки. В конечном итоге получили простой и красивый логотип, который используем сегодня. Рекомендуем!)
Отличный дизайн и серьезный подход к работе. Если вы хотите Вау-дизайн, то обращайтесь к Алексею. Он профи. Посмотрите на сайт @flyingbro – это он делал.
Разрабатывали логотип с Sverdlychenko Design Studio. Знающие люди оценивают результат как очень крутой! Спасибо за работу!
С радостью согласилась оставить отзыв Алексею! Профессиональный дизайнер, внимателен к деталям, всегда советует и предлагает варианты для выбора. Полностью доверяю его вкусу и подсказкам. Для меня Алексей разработал 2 логотипа и дизайн для сайта – сотрудничество было легким и эффективным. Благодарю за отличную работу и буду обращаться еще обязательно! 😉
Очень довольна сотрудничеством с Sverdlychenko Design Studio. Вся работа выполняется качественно, в обусловленные сроки с учетом всех пожеланий. Очень довольна профессиональным подходом к поставленным задачам. С удовольствием рекомендую своим друзьям и знакомым!
Being a copywriter, I’ve often worked with Oleksii on different ad projects. He always comes up with great ideas and creates strong visuals. I certainly recommend Oleksii as a true professional, a very talented designer and artist.
I worked with Oleksii for my project NovaUkraina, site of UYS and many other projects. He worked with us as web-designer and web-master. And so I can recommend him as professional designer and artist.
Неоднократно сотрудничали со Sverdlychenko Design Studio, всегда отличный результат в краткие сроки. Рекомендую!